Our History

Southwind Foods Company was founded in Los Angeles in July of 1999. Our business grew quickly and became a major player in the Southern California seafood market. Southwind Foods developed into a full service supplier to the meat and seafood business throughout Southern California, serving the needs of major chains and independent grocery stores.

Southwind Foods soon expanded into the Salt Lake City market, where we service major chains and independents.

Out next successful venture was Phoenix, Arizona, which opened as Southwind Foods in October of 2001.

Using our same formula of quality, service, and expanded varieties of both fresh and frozen products, both Southwind Foods' Salt Lake City and Phoenix operations grew into major contributors of both sales and profits for the overall company.

After digesting these markets, the opportunity arose to open a new state of the art facility in the Las Vegas market. Along with an acquisition, the Las Vegas division was opened in May of 2003.

In 2003, Southwind Fods created the importing and marketing division of Great American Seafood Imports Company. As the popularity and demand expanded for the Great American label, sales offices were opened in Nashville in 2009. These offices have enabled the company to become a national distributor.

As evident, Southwind Foods is a very aggressive, family owned business with over 100 years of retail experience in our current ranks.

Our Mission

We believe that delivering fresh seafood is not enough in today's very competitive markets. We offer our customer base many ways to provide seafood to their customer in the most cost efficient way. We understand labor costs, while at the same time realizing the need to keep your customers excited about seafood. Whether it's a 16' ice case or a 12' self-serve case, we have the right program for you and, more importantly, your customers.

We service the high end super markets with premium cuts of the finest seafood and maintain a complete and separate division that has the necessary experience to concentrate on the ever-growing Hispanic market.

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