At Southwind Foods, our entire crew is ready to do their part to make sure your order is perfect from start to finish. From processing and storage to packaging and distribution, our hard-working staff is dedicated to producing and delivering first-class products for our customers.

Quality control drives everything we do and every decision we make. With state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities, we provide precise cutting, bagging and portioning for each order. We offer professional, courteous service that will exceed your expectations every time. You will see the difference.CA

seafood production photo 2.jpg


  • Band Saw

  • Cryovac

  • Bag Sealers

  • Salmon Splitter

  • 10K OTR Skin Pack

  • Robbie Pack

  • Scales

  • Conveyor Belts

  • Nitrogen Tunnel

  • Scoring

  • Skinning Machine

  • Pin-Bone Removal Machine

  • Portioning


  • BRC-certified facility

  • MSC chain of custody certified

  • NSSP-certified shellfish re-shipper

  • FDA-trained QC staff in seafood sensory analysis

  • Extensive knowledge of NIST inspection procedures

  • Dedicated production lines and fully segregated high-risk areas